Caprija offers its remarkable building design and project management consultancy services with creative solutions. In addition to architectural, interior design and project management consultancy, Caprija is also capable and fully equipped to provide contracting services for construction of building projects. Our professionals not only manage complex project but also build strong relationships with clients.  Our officials and associates are registered with OAA and AATO. We customize our professional services to fulfill our clients’ specific needs and wants. Caprija's team of  architects, engineers, BCIN technologists serves clients achieving City approvals and building permits for all residential and commercial projects with no hassle.


Institutional, Commercial and Industrial 

- Architecture Design 

- Interior Design

- Project Feasibility Studies

- Documentation (As-built drawings)

- Site Plan Approvals

- Building Permits / City Approvals

- Tender Documents

- Construction / Contract Drawings

- Site Supervision

- Design & Build

- Residential Design and Approvals

Project Management

The growing and dynamic area of the industry is project management and Caprija Corporation renders its services for project management for facets of projects. Caprija ensures that all deliverables for each phase of the projects are formally acceptable and approved by the sponsors/clients. The projects are running under cost and in time without compromising the scope and keeping quality standards up. Our project management experts choose the best mode and channels of communication to maximize the production. Properly channelized effective communication amongst team members and all other levels leads the projects towards successful.  Caprija works on human resources requirements for the projects and suggests the most suitable experts and skilled quantity of resources to accomplish the work. Our professionals identify, analyze and then mitigate the risk with appropriate strategy and techniques.

Project Management services include but not limited to:

Integration Management
Scope, Time and Cost Management
Time / Cost Trade-off Analysis
Delay Analysis
Quality Management
Risk Analysis and Response Management

Construction Management

 Caprija delivers construction management services to clients from concept to completion of smaller and medium size projects. Our construction services teams provide clients with an extensive range construction related services and solutions for projects. Caprija focuses on triple constraints - scope, cost and time for all projects and exerts its extreme efforts to maintain quality along with these constraints.  Caprija has skilled and learned crews as well as excellent sub-contracting teams to accomplish its projects with in time and budget. Our cost professionals track the projects’ variances during the construction and take remedial actions to minimize the cost as well as time variances and keep the project on track. Our teams are very well motivated and learned to produce quality within available resources and handle all type of potential risks properly. 

Asset Management

Caprija Corporation takes responsibility to manage all building assets. Company assists managing all building owners and investors of all residential as well as commercial projects. Our professionals identify, define, resolve and follow-up all issues in the properties. Caprija has excellent partnering companies of all trades to perform technical and professional tasks. Our professionals take proactive approach instead of corrective approach. They keep record of all engineering systems like air conditioning, heating etc. and track those to provide proactive maintenance. This approach saves a lot of money for our prestigious clients. They don’t wait for the problems to arise and then they solve. Caprija vigorously represents its clients and watch their interest for the projects.

Asset Management services include but not limited to:  

Residential Apartments Commercial properties Housing units Office buildings.      

Architect in Brampton, architect in Mississauga, and Architect in Ontario.